Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolutions - schmesolutions

Okay - I don't really mean that - I've made great resolutions, and I expect to at least strive towards them, but change is HARD! And making excuses is EASY!

For instance, I totally have no excuse to not walk Jasper EVERYDAY. The truth is, he loves his walks; I love his walks. The problem is, I just haven't made it enough of a priority to actually do it most days.  Okay - to hit the three-days-a-week goal, I still have three days to get in two walks, so it is certainly possible, and I will try very much to hit it, but . . . Well, let's be realistic, right?

The writing I'm doing a fairly good job on - even if my "novel" hasn't gotten any longer, I have been writing here pretty much every day - which does, in fact, count. And I expect to keep this up - really.

So - here goes the rest -

food for today -

  • Breakfast

    • egg salad (two eggs)
    • 10ish Triscuits (Triscuits always make me think of Sandy Duncan who always makes me think of Michelle Marckwardt - I'm not sure what the connection is there, but it's a strong one:)(And after Googling it, it appears that Sandy hawked Wheat Thins, not Triscuits - my childhood is full of these kind of mix-ups!)
    • Hot tea
  • Lunch 
    • oops - forgot to eat this meal!
  • Snack 
    • A bunch of delicious fresh tortilla chips left at home by Eric before he went back to college
  • Supper
    • New York Strip Steak - RARE!
    • Cottage Cheese
  • "Snack"
    • A bottle of Chardonnay (YIKES! At least it was the cheap stuff!)
spending for today
  • About $17 dollars on groceries (including steak and cottage cheese:)

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