Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

So, I've made various resolutions for various New Years with various levels of success.  A few years ago, I made four resolutions and made a point to journal about them every night - that was, by far, the most successful resolution year to date.

This year, I have decided to again journal every night - but instead of keeping the progress to the privacy of my own pen and paper, I'm sharing with the world (or at least that very small corner of the world that reads my blog:). My hopes are that by sharing my goals and steps towards them with my adoring public, I'll be more accountable to them. So please, if you notice me skipping a blogging day, feel free to share your disappointment with me.

The resolutions:

  • Write for a least a half hour every night. This is a two-birds one-stone goal - I need to get back in the habit of writing if I'm ever going to grow up to be a famous novelist, plus I need to journal, So - yay me:)

  • Keep a food journal. Most of my life, I've had a fairly easy time with my weight. I never really had to watch what I was eating, never much gained weight. Then forty hit, and with it came 25 pounds. I know how to eat healthily, I just typically don't - fessing up to the world about the too many Butterfinger bites I gorged on should help that to happen less often.

  • Erase debt. Years of bad financial decisions are still hanging around, and though I've stopped building additional debt, I still have more than a bit to lose. I intend to cut debt by at least $500 per month by paying more and spending less - we've already taken a great step by limiting our eating-out expenses - I'll be searching for other ways to cut all year.

    1. Walk Jasper at least three times a week. The food journal will be important towards getting healthier, but I need to get some exercise back into my life, and so does my pup. I don't think I'll ever get back to the seven morning a week workout of my late thirty's, and frankly I don't think I want to, but three walks a week seems manageable.

    2. food for today:
      • Breakfast
        • Bowl of Team Cheerios 
        • Glass of skim milk
        • 10ish Triscuits with Port Wine Cheese ball spread on them
        • Hot Tea
      • Lunch
        • Qdoba - 
          • small bowl Mexican Gumbo w/ black and pinto beans
          • small black bean quesadilla
          • water
      • Supper - 
        • Steak and shrimp
        • two Fat Tire beers
      spending for today:
      • groceries (Beer, celery, toothpaste) - $35
      • Qdoba (Ellen and I were shopping:) - $15

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