Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just a Quick Check-in

It seems Carlos has inherited his Momma's teeth. He lost yet another one today - that makes four in the last two weeks or so. We thought he'd have to make a trip to the oral surgeon, as he had four adult teeth shoving over, but not out, the babies. But, with a little wiggle-help from Momma, a day at the doctor has been avoided. His poor sissy was never quite so lucky; only one of her teeth came out of its own volition, the rest had to be yanked out by the dentist with the exception of her two front teeth - one was knocked out by a basket-ball, and the other by a friend's head:)

What do you do with the baby teeth? I have a case of them from the kids; it seems wrong to throw them away, but it seems creepy to keep them. My dentist says she framed those of her son, but that seems a step up the creepy-staircase from throwing them in the junk drawer. Maybe we'll watch them dissolve in a cup of Coke one day?:)


Another pretty good day of resolution keeping.  Still staying away from the candy stash, but I need to bring in a good snack, because I am HUNGRY late morning and late afternoon. Hmmm - maybe some baby carrots or something?

food for today:

  • Breakfast
    • two small pieces of peanut-butter-and-jelly whole-grain sourdough toast
    • glass of skim milk
    • hot tea
  • Lunch (and I didn't copy and paste from yesterday!:)
    • Chef salad with black beans
    • fruit salad (yummy yummy)
    • apple
    • chocolate milk
  • Supper (at Wendy's - Carlos's treat:)
    • Jr. Cheeseburger deluxe
    • 1/2ish large fry
    • small Frostie
    • ice water
    • one spicy chicken nugget
  • Snack
    • chai tea
spending for today:
  • $0 - though I still owe the kid $2 - that'll get paid tomorrow!:)

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