Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hmmm - maybe I was a bit ambitious?

Okay - it seems that my life is too busy, or at least that journaling and walking Jasper are not high enough priorities, to keep to the exact letter of my resolutions. Every day blogging has proven to be an impossibility if I would like to get a reasonable amount of sleep, and since I didn't get home Monday or Tuesday night until after 8:00 I also didn't walk the boy.

However, I have been food-journaling in my head, and have been doing pretty well with eating decently. I really have motivation now - we're having a weight-loss thingy at work and so I got on a scale today for the first time in some time, and discovered that I weigh nearly 20 pounds more today than I did on October 30, 2001 (which was, incidentally, Carlos's day of birth). That was a bit breath-losing.

So, still no raiding the Butterfinger drawer, and I've been snacking on fresh veggies in the afternoon. I'm sure the weight will pour off any day now:)

One thing I for sure notice is that I'm absolutely not drinking enough (except for beer days:). I need to chug more water.

food for today:

  • Breakfast 
    • Whole-wheat mini-bagel with cream cheese and hummus
    • hot tea
  • Lunch (surprise!)
    • chef salad w/black beans
    • chocolate milk
  • Snack
    • broccoli
  • Supper
    • Homemade chicken noodle
    • 1/2 100% Cranberry = 1/2 water

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