Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Stinkin' Butterfingers for Me!

Gaarrr! At school today I was tummy-growling hungry both before lunch and at the end of the day. I happen to have a file-drawer full of bite-sized Butterfingers (and an assortment of other sugary treats, but the Butterfingers are what really matter) that I would normally dig into, but since I knew I'd be reporting back to YOU tonight, I kept that darn drawer closed tight. I have mixed feelings about this - just writing about them makes me want one NOW (though they're at school and I'm at home), but I'm pretty impressed with myself that I resisted the crispy-peanut-buttery temptation.


Success number two for the day: after supper, the kids and I took J-dog for a walk! Well, the kids rode their scooters, which was quite an adventure in the 2-inches of snow we have on the ground, but the effect was the same for Jasper and me. The walk was a fairly short one - only about 1/2 mile - but it was cold out, and if any of you have walked with Carlos, especially when his meds are nearing the end of their day, you'd know this was a fair accomplishment.

food for today:

  • Breakfast
    • bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats
    • glass of super pulpy Orange Juice (I want to chew my juice!)
    • Hot Tea
  • Lunch - I work lunch at school, and part of that gig is FREE lunch every day - and school lunch is SO much better than in the olden days:)
    • Chef Salad 
    • fruit salad (Yummy Yummy)
    • apple
    • chocolate milk
    • Hot Tea
  • Snack (while fixing supper - I was just SO hungry!)
    • 7ish Triscuits with hummus
  • Supper
    • spaghetti with red sauce and kidney beans - this is leftover from my veggie days - the kids love it this way, and it's pretty healthy and tasty. I used to sneak spinach in the sauce too, but Ally's rebelled against that!
    • glass of milk
  • Snack
    • couple handfuls popcorn
    • decaf chai tea
spending for today:
$0!!! (though I do owe a kid $2 for eggs:)

Off to write that novel now!


Denise said...

I can't keep any candy at school or I eat it. If I get some for the kids, it has to be something nasty like Laffy Taffy that I won't be tempted to eat.

Also, your school lunches must be better than ours - ours are totally disgusting in every way. I only go down there maybe once or twice and year and always regret it. On the up side, I do tend to eat healthy lunches that I pack myself.

Good job on the walking and writing !


Penny Lou Lew said...

Hi Denise!
Thanks for the feedback!

I used to keep my chocolate in our science teacher's closet so that I had to publicly get a piece - that cut down on the candy consumption:) The only reason the stuff in my drawer is still there is because I'd have to fess up to my adoring readers if I gorged on it like I want to.

Hope you start with the writing again soon:)