Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here We go Again!

So, it is true - I've been super lame about writing here as of late. so sorry to my myriad fans - I have no good excuses, just lame ones.  I am making yet another effort to be more consistent with this - prehaps as a reflective tool with my teaching?  With my life?  We'll see where this takes me.

I have a student teacher this term, and he's great - I mean, sure, he's new, and some of the classroom management issues (which remind me WAY too much of my first years) drive me a bit nuttier, but really, I am confident that he will be a fine educator.  I love having a student teacher, because I learn so much - both from him, and from the time I have to do professional reading and research - the things I've learned just in the last 8 weeks!! Amazing stuff!

It seems I will be getting a classroom set of computers before the end of the school year, and I've been spending a lot of the time preparing for that.  Check out my new Wiki and see what you think - offer up some comments!

Just keep swimming!