Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Winning the lottery

Last week I struck gold. I am a card carrying member of an elite circle - a Most Valuable Customer at Kohl's (yes that would mean credit card carrying - it's my only one). Basically, what this means is that I already spend too much money at the store, and in order to entice me into spending even more, Kohl's sends me regular percentage-off discount coupons. Typically these are for 15% - not a bad deal.

Last week, however, when I peeled back the protective covering I revealed a whopping 30%. THIRTY PERCENT!!!! And just before school! And it got better. Instead of the typical "one day personal sale" I could use it all week! This meant multiple trips and for all my friends armed with their own Kohl's cards (yeah, okay - that really means for me and for Susan). My karma wasn't so messed up by the deer/apple thing after all.

Day one - before I knew I could return - Al and I went school shopping. She desperately needed jeans; it seems this crazy thing called puberty has snuck in and given her some hips - she couldn't get her butt into her jeans of last spring. The catch was, we only had about 45 Carlos-free minutes. I was worried; my girl is a lot of amazing things - smart, artistic, beautiful, prolific, funny - but speedy is typically not one of them. This girl makes me look like Jackie Joyner Kersee, and those of you who know me well, know I ain't the quickest.

Something crazy was going on that day though - Legs picked out, tried on, and purchased four bras, three pair of jeans, and three t-shirts with time to spare. *sniffle-sniffle* my baby's growing up.

Day two - I went back for stuff for me for school (only two short weeks left of summer). While there, I found a rug I thought I'd like for my living room, now I'm not so sure. I think I was kind of attached to my excellent garage sale find already covering the "hard woods" (I'm not sure exactly how much wood is in my floor, so this is a bit of a misnomer). Anyway - I've added a before and after picture - let me know what you think. I leaning toward the before.

All in all I "saved" about $130! Hmmmm - no wonder they love me there.


Mr. G said...

Wow!! that rug is not you! Get rid of it and put the "Dancing ladies" back!

Denise said...

Geez, I only got 15% on my coupon. I thought that the 30% was just a lie they told. I have totally not done my back to school shopping. I guess I better get busy. Oh yea - go back to the original rug - it is totally you.