Sunday, August 24, 2008


Still don't really have enough time to be on here, but I think this writing bug has set in pretty well.

Thursday Legs and I were SICK - poor Carlos was not, so I called Jeff to see if he could take him for a bit, but it appears he caught the same thing - not a pretty day.

Friday we were well recovered and treated ourselves to Bob Evans for breakfast (first restaurant meal since my birthday - yay me!). Boo, on the other hand treated herself to a bird. Carlos was very excited about this and LET HER INSIDE where she proceeded to drop it in front of Ally - she must like her best. Thankfully it was no longer a flying bird, or I would have had to given it the house.

Saturday Al and I got our hair cut at a new place. Muy expensive and Al's "trim" took off several inches. She was in tears; I was out $65; we're heading back to Michelle for our next cut. After, Frank and I went to a party/meeting for our volunteer stint at Wheatland. Had to drive 2 hours across the state both ways (who knew there was even such a place as Bitely?), got lost three times, and didn't really know anyone there, but it was still nice to go and we got our tickets and schedules. Can't wait for that! When I got back to Mt. Pleasant, I ran to Old Navy for some $7 jeans for the kids. What a bargain!

Today, I'm stressing about my class tomorrow that I am not prepared for and don't really want to get prepared for but will be somewhat prepared for by the time I get there. I'm thinking this blog today may have some avoidance issues surrounding it.

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