Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Up in the tree top

A few weeks after I moved out of Jeff's house, the kids and I were taking a bike ride around our new neighborhood, sort of checking it out. We were not that far from the old neighborhood - west side now instead of down-town - but we weren't super familiar with where we were now residing, so we wanted to see what was around. at some point we turned the corner onto Henry and saw a huge painted sign: FREE KITTENS. What can I say? We came home with our tiny little kitty, Boo.

She was probably too young when we got her, but she turned out wonderfully, and has a weird little quirk where she sucks her tail. The intention was for her to be an inside-only cat, but between her sad crying if we left her in while we were out, Carlos' just letting her out, and her self made "cat door" in our slider screen, she became a cat that often ventures into the outside.

The duplex where we were living when Boo moved in with us was full of cats, but when we bought our house a few blocks away, Boo was one of few. This is no big deal, except that here, outside of cat central, there are tons of birds. This concern is not about my bird phobia (though I know those little buggers are just waiting to pounce and peck out my eyes), but about Boo's adoration of birds - as her lunch. After the first "present" she left, I went out and got her a pretty collar with a huge bell. Her determination to play with the birdies has not slowed down, but fortunately her success has.

Yesterday, Carlos and I were playing soccer in the street - Jeff doesn't like this, I think it's one of those city kid vs. country kid things; I've played in the street my whole life. It's just where you do certain things - and I heard a rustling in the highest branches of the apple tree. I thought it was an enormous squirrel, but instead it was our enormous cat (she is no longer a teeny-tiny kitty - I had to buy her a new jumbo-sized litter box - she's HUGE). I ran in to get my camera and get a shot of our girl way up there, but by the time I got back out, she was down.

Instead I shot this one of Carlos using his camera.

Man - aren't they cute:)

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