Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chain chain chain

As you may remember, my birthday was earlier this week, and since then Carlos has been talking nearly non-stop about his up-coming 7th birthday. It's right around the corner only 2 1/2 short months away, but not soon enough for my little guy. He wants to get a cake to bring to school TODAY, never mind that school won't even begin for another 2+ weeks.

I sat down with him and the calendar and showed him when today is and when his birthday is. He seemed to get it, but then just permanently turned the month to October and again insisted on cake.

Please understand, Carlos doesn't particularly like sweets; he'd much rather eat popcorn, pretzels, or his favorite, Tomatoes, then cake and ice cream. He also isn't concerned with presents. I mean, he likes gifts, but never asks for anything. Actually, I think he likes opening gifts - doesn't much care about what's inside. I think, like his Momma, he's a birthday lover and really just wants to be the center of attention.

Again, Legs came up with the answer. She figured out how many days between today and the highly anticipated turning of 7, cut out a bunch of strips of construction paper - red and blue of course, Carlos' favorite - and made an enormous chain to hang around his room, the idea being that they remove one link each night before bed until the big day. A sort of advent calendar.

Carlos was thrilled. He loved it.

That night, Sis went in to help with the first link, Carlos would have none of that - this glorious chain would not be destroyed no matter it's original purpose. So, it seems he got his first early birthday present.

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