Saturday, August 2, 2008

Microwaves and exterior doors

Being a homeowner is fab with a hint of annoying. While renting, if something isn't quite right, you either don't worry about it, or call the landlord and it becomes his or her problem. I no longer have this luxury.

At Christmas time my brother, Andy, gave me a brand-new, white, Whirlpool built-in microwave that coincidentally matched the rest of my appliances. Yay, and thanks Andy. Now, though comes the fun part - installation.

Frank (former boy-friend, current good friend) came to help - and really I exaggerate, so let's try again.

Frank (former boy-friend, current good friend) came to do it for me, as long as I helped. Thanks Frank.

The installation itself was fairly easy, but of course, I didn't make it that simple for him. I didn't like how low the old microwave sat above the stove, so I asked him to raise the cupboard it was nestled under. This by itself would have only added a bit of work, but of course once I wanted to raise the cupboard, the electrical needed to be altered. After he did that and installed the fab new microwave, I asked him replace not one, but two exterior doors. Two days later, everything is in and looks great, but now I can see how badly I really need to paint. Does this sound a bit like a story about a mouse and a cookie?

See ya!

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