Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Generation

Okay - here's me being a bit judgmental - it's an ugly, but honest, part of who I am.

Does anyone else find something immensely disturbing about filling a baby's bottle with Pepsi? Granted, the kid was more of a toddler than a baby, but, I mean, we are in the midst - possibly only the very beginnings - of an obesity epidemic here in our Grand Old States, and parents, those people who are nearly fully responsible for their child's eating habits, are ensuring that said epidemic won't end with their babies. Insane.

I'm not advocating that every child eat only fresh fruit and whole grains (though, that might be a nice fantasy) just that we use a little forethought, acknowledge in what ways our actions are going to screw up our kid''s futures, and at least try to give them an honest chance at success. Pepsi that they have to suck from a rubber nipple doesn't seem to meet that criteria.


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