Monday, June 22, 2009

Writing Territories

Who and what do I write for?

Well - I write as a teacher - I try to write decent lessons, prompts, and questions to challenge my kids' thinking about the world around them. I write personal notes to my kids to encourage them, comfort them, or connect with them. I comment on student writing and ideas in an effort to recognize triumphs and gently but firmly push them forward. As a teacher, I also write to adults - communicating with parents, peers and administrators concerning myriad ideas from school dances to the place standardized tests should have in our schools (on the sidelines).

I write as a student - sorting out my thinking on various subjects including my profession, but also motherhood, morality, and meaning.

I write as a mother - texting my daughter regularly, leaving notes for chores, reminding my children how important they are and how proud of them I am.

I write as a woman - keeping track of my dreams, working through my pasts, making goals for my future.

I write as a writer - sometimes to archive my life, sometimes to entertain, sometimes to learn, sometimes to vent.

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