Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Okay - time for some real writing I suppose

I think my 100 truths is an interesting experiment, and I intend on continuing with the exercise, so , faithful reader, don't lose sleep about a change of course. I do feel a need to also do more quantiful writing though, so my intention is to do both. Panicking may cease now.

Tuesday number one of Summer. What a wonderful day. Slept until 8:30 today. Now, at 9:47, I am indulging in my love of writing, mint tea with honey, and The Talking Heads. And, I'm not feeling even a little bit guilty about any of it. Ah, Summer!

Yesterday, the first REAL day of summer, I did something that was perhaps a bit reckless, but turned out wonderfully. But I must back up a few weeks to tell this story.

As I've chronicled before, my latest addiction is Facebook (not really easing off on this one too much yet). I've connected with many friends, past and present, in the past months, and, by making an offhand comment to one friends post, gained myself a whole new friend even. Roy and I have been in perpetual conversation since, and yesterday met halfway and had lunch together. This is where the recklessness came in. I mean, he could have been a Psycho Killer posing as a cool dude, for all I knew. I didn't even tell Susan, because I knew she wouldn't be impressed. I, however, did not worry because, as you all know, bad things DO NOT happen to me - ever. And, alas, that seems have been the case again. Roy and I talked non-stop for about 3 1/2 hours; During which time, we had a lovely lunch with a couple of cocktails, and went on to our other lives. It's nice to make new friends. We can all use them (or at least I can).

The not-so-reckless part of me then went on to have supper with another newish friend, Denise. We were in RCWP together summer last, and have managed to maintain a long-distance friendship since. I don't usually do these well, so I am proud of that friendship.

Okay - this was a lame get back to writing attempt - I'll do better next time:)

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