Friday, June 5, 2009

Ah Sweet Summer, Where Have you Gone?

I live this awful dual life. The one part of me, shall we call her Polly?, loves everything about her job. Everything. Really. And she wants to get better at it, so she signs up for any and all workshops, classes, and professional development opportunities she sees that may possibly increase her level of competence. Often these are fantastic, and really do improve her skills. She's always glad she participated, because at worst, she was able to spend time with other like-minded intelligent improvement seekers.

Then there's Anna. People love Anna; Anna loves people, but Anna often wonders what the hell is going through Polly's head when she book up more than half their glorious, well deserved, summer with all these stinking workshops. Really - five day since they've left, and they have to be back?

"Please Polly," Anna laments, "think on it a while next time?"

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