Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreeeeeeam Dream Dream Dreeeam

Some friends of mine belong to a Dream Group; this is a place, they explained, where members describe and then discuss their dreams to maybe figure out some meaning behind them. I thought it sounded interesting, so when they invited me to join in one day last week, I didn't hesitate. It was a bit surreal, but at the same time very cool, and it has gotten me paying more attention to and thinking about my dreams.

I have long had several recurring dreams. One is about work - whatever work I am doing at the time - and dates back to high school and McDonald's. These dreams don't really leave me much wondering about meaning - I take my work fairly seriously (yes, even at McDonald's), and the dreams are usually about me failing at some aspect of the job that I shouldn't have a hard time with. Probably reflective of my previously documented insecurities.

A slightly embarrassing one to share is the bathroom dream. In this, I am searching for a bathroom. Usually, I find one, but it's truly disgusting. Like beyond the worst gas-station bathroom I have ever seen. Flooded with backed-up sewage, all the toilets are brimming, and there's no privacy. This one's easy. I have to pee.

My other repeaters are perhaps less obvious. Frequently, I am living in whatever house is actually currently mine, and happen upon a whole room, floor, wing that I didn't know was there before - and it's super fabulous. Perhaps this speaks to my near constant and very mild discontent with life as is? Maybe that great things are in my life already, I'm just not always seeing them?

Or I'll be living somewhere that is unfamiliar in my reality, but again super fab, and to enter this fantastic space, I have to wriggle through a small opening of some sort. A few summers ago, I helped a friend in his crawl space. The crawl-space itself was fine - a pit in the earth, but a fairly clean, dry, spacious pit. Entering, however, was reminiscent of those dreams. We had to crawl around under his deck, turn around backwards, and slide into the space. I was a bit freaked here, but not so in my dreams - it's just the way I have to enter. In fact, I'm never perplexed or put out by the openings in said dreams - any more so than I am when entering my true home through the front door. Clueless as to potential significance with this one.

My favorite is the naked dream. Nothing at all sexual about these. They always take place in public, usually, but not always, at a workplace - though, interestingly, never at school. Really, mostly at the casino - a place at which I haven't worked for nearly 10 years. Here, I'll be doing whatever it is I should be doing, when suddenly, I realize that I'm naked. Shit. I then am trying to figure out how, exactly, I'm going to get out of where ever I am and get some clothes without alerting everyone to the fact that I am without. Sadly enough, no one ever does notice. What does that say, do you think?

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