Friday, July 25, 2008

The Writer in Me

I have been inspired by the outstanding job my writer friends Christina and Denise have done with their blogs, and have decided to begin my own. I am very new to thinking that I may be a writer, but figure I can't be a writer if I don't indeed write. So here I am writing.

I am determined to have an entire week's "vacation" this summer, so I am NOT working on anything for school until Monday. Seriously. I mean it. But, I did just finish watching Dead Poet's Society, and am now full of even more great ideas for my classroom this fall. I will do all I can to remember them on Monday when I allow my holiday to come to a close. And I won't remember them by obsessing on them between now and then. I promise. Really.

So, about my week off. It's been fabulous. I've played with the kids. Legs and I had a riot today in Staples. Yes, the home of the easy button. We dropped Carlos off at school and ran up there for the 5-cent sale (Why is there not a cent symbol on keyboards anymore? Where did it used to be? I understand, much to my dismay, that pennies are fast becoming obsolete, but cents in general? I don't think so) which unfortunately ended Wednesday. We had time to kill, and Staples is air conditioned, so we wandered a bit. Ally happened upon a computer with a camera and touch screen - I think it was this one - and so we played. The options on the camera allowed us to do many funky, and some rather unpleasant, things to our images. We were giggling like Middle Schoolers, which only one of us happens to be (and no, this doesn't count as talking about school).

The rest of my leisure week included laundry, scrubbing floors and toilets, and actually completing a novel. All in all a good week.

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Denise said...

Hey Penny,

How could I guess that your blog would be PINK!! Great job, reading this I am missing you and your sense of humor. It's almost like you are here.

I'm taking more than a week off from school. My niece comes next week and leaves Aug 8th, so I figure I'll start worrying about school after that.

My cousin and I hit the 5-cent sale at Walgreens numerous times and got enough little writer's notebooks for all the kids in my class. I'm excited about that- hopefully some of them will be too.

That's pretty funny about sending the link to all my other friends. Maybe you'll get some new friends out of the deal. :)

Anyhow, great job on your blog.