Saturday, July 26, 2008


Is it possible to not know what to say when you're fairly sure no one is listening anyway?


Denise said...

I'm listening, so say something already. Yea, it's hard to write on the blog when you don't know if anyone is going to read it. I said something similar to Julia and she told me that the blog is more for the writer than for the reader. I've been writing every other day or so and I think at least a couple people read it occasionally. So, go out and be a writer!!

Mrs. Frost said...

I think they read more than they write. For me, it's more comfortable to see what you are up to then to have to decide on the "just right words" to reply with--I don't want to sound too stupid,mean, etc..

penalew said...

I guess I was just feeling like I shouldn't worry about what I write since it's not like a ton of people are reading, but I still couldn't think of anything - i really wasn't whining about the lack of readership - more the lack on my ideas:)