Sunday, July 27, 2008

Role Models

I just saw Hancock - Neat movie, and it got me thinking, If you could be a superhero - would you? That's not really a question is it? I mean, I don't think a super-hero has that choice. He or She just is. Except for Batman; Batman chose - no super powers for him, just super gadgets. But the others, Superman, Wonder Woman, they had no choice, they just were. Though that's not right either. Couldn't choose the super, but did choose the hero. Hmm.

I was reading a "10 Questions" in Time with John Madden. Mostly football stuff that I care not much about, but someone asked if football players should be considered role models and he very enthusiastically said, YES. Even proposed that some type of clause should be written into contracts stating as much. I instantly fell in love. Professional athletes are certainly role models, but we shouldn't stop there. We are all role models. Live your life remembering that - avoid doing things that you wouldn't want a kid to grow up and do.

If only that were easy right?

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Mrs. Frost said...

Ok, I just read that Madden interview this morning. I agree that everyone is a role model, whether they like it, or even like to think it or not. What if you think about the value kids get from the "screw-ups" of their heroes? We always want to be good, kind, etc., but isn't there value in learning from the mistakes of the ones who came before us? I think it takes good and bad choices to make decisions in life. Philosophically, these thoughts lead me into oblivion with a headache!