Friday, July 9, 2010

What did I do on MY Summer Vacation?

What summer vacation? 
Ask my kids, or John, or Sue exactly how much summer vacation I get - go ahead, ask them.  Aren't teachers supposed to get this vast amount of time where we just laze around sipping sangria?  Something that we don't need to do because, as so much of my extended family reminds me of regularly, we don't really do much the rest of the year except get weekends and holidays off.  Not to mention snow days. 

AARRGGHHH - do I sound frustrated? I don't mean to sound frustrated, but I've got so many demands on my time, and so little time for my demands.  The summer of my divorce was the most glorious summer in my life - I actually had time to do nothing - with no guilt of "I should be . . ." lingering around.  It was lovely - lovely, lovely, lovely.

I think I need to be done for the day.

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