Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CRWP - live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.

So, why am I here? Why, for the third year in a row have I relinquished my rights to a proper summer vacation - a much needed vacation - to sit inside all day and write and learn and write and learn?  Well, because how could I not?  I am passionate about my work, and how could I pass up any opportunity to become better at what I do? Especially an opportunity as significant as this one? And to then be able to replicate the experience summer after summer?  What else could I do.

But then, I hear from the people I love, the people who love me.  And they support me, and respect my dedication to my career, but are feeling neglected.  During the school year, I am careful to balance work and love - careful to remember what is most important and ensure, through my actions, that they know.  But summer is supposed to be a time for them.  A time to make up for all the time I can't give them throughout the school year, and the writing project gets in the way of that. 


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