Saturday, April 4, 2009

DMSR (minus the SR)

Perhaps one of the worst things about the dark months is the lack of opportunity to shake my groove thing. I love dancing, especially to live music, and being a hermit from September till May doesn't much help feed my need. But I'm thinking this is about to change.

Back in my college days - well my young college days - people I knew would occasionally go to Boomer's, a nightclub on the east edge of town. I went a couple of times, but didn't much dig it as most of the people there were pretty old (over thirty). I abandoned it and stuck to my serious drinking establishments downtown. I've kept this image of Boomer's as a place for an older crew ever since.

Last night, a friend of mine wanted to go and meet a bunch of other friends there, so I agreed to join her. Turns out, it is still that older crew place, only I've come to understand that I am now one of them!! The horror of that realization soon gave way to the euphoria of boogieing to great (okay - really only decent) live music.

My feet are sore, and my booty is all shook out, but I'm loving life!

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