Sunday, March 8, 2009

Noon-thirty already!?

As my devoted readers (which number many:) may have noticed, posting here has taken too much energy of late, but when my friend Kevin exclaimed that my blog sucked (which I am choosing to believe is in reference to quantity, not quality) I decided it was time to shake off the funk and get back to the business of becoming a writer.

The end results of Daylight Savings Time are, for me, wonderful. I love the light - crave the light - am looking forward to actual spring, then summer, with gleeful anticipation. But, this day with only 23 short hours in it about kicks my butt. In fact, it has been a long bleak winter for me.

Despite appearances, I am not much a doer of drugs, but two pharmaceuticals these past several months have persuaded me that a daily drug habit can be a good thing.

Late fall - perhaps with the end of Daylight Savings Time as the signal - my mood began spiraling downward to the point that I finally relented and asked my doc for some help. I'm thinking this turned out to be a good thing - no more crying jags on my way to work, and I've actually been managing to get out of bed at a reasonable hour. Doc recommends staying on them pretty much except when the summer is here - I'm beginning to agree.

Then, in early February, we finally put Carlos on ADHD meds. I wasn't so sure about that, and I'm not sure his dad or his teacher were totally gung-ho either. Carlos was a fab little dude with a ton of energy - was there really anything to be fixed? Apparently so. One month and 26 magic little pills later I can't imagine it took us so long to do this. He is still a fab little dude with plenty of energy, but he can now focus that energy on specific tasks. The amount of progress he's made with his speech, writing, and other fine motor skills is tremendous. Seriously.

So Kevin - let me know if I stop sucking:)

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Kevin said...

Looking good! I like your post.