Monday, October 13, 2008

October Blues

Oh Sweet blog - how I miss thee!

Before I begin this entry, please let me assure you all that I LOVE my job. I mean, sure, I'd dig being independently wealthy and spending my days sipping margaritas pool-side while some ripped pool boy fans me, but, if I have to work, this is the greatest job around.

Except during October.

So much about it is so wonderful. An ever-so-slight crispness to the air that allows me to dig out my favorite jeans and tye-dyed hoodie. The astounding colors filling the branches (and my mulching mower that keeps me from having to rake them up). Fresh apple cider. Fresh apples. The greatest holiday - Halloween. The vibrant orange pumpkins everywhere I look. What's not to love?


Inevitably, I get off to a great school-year start with all my new ideas collecting their flavor, with the kids excited and loving being in my new and different classroom, knowing exactly what I want to do and when, and just savoring the joy that is teaching 8th grade ELA.

Then October sneaks in.

And suddenly my ideas fall flat, the kids are used to being in my now boring room and have decided to test me, I feel disorganized, and I start to plot how I could change to a different, easier profession.

I know it's October.

I know it will pass.

But sometimes, 31 days seems like too many flavors.

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Mrs. Frost said...

Oh, you have my sympathies!!!