Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a Scary World Out There

Yesterday, I learned that one of our student's here in dinky little FMS was abducted from her bedroom, at knife-point, and sexually assaulted. 6th grader. I don't have her in any of my classes, don't have any older brothers or sisters, don't even know her, but still. This is the type of thing that happens somewhere else. Somewhere that doesn't really touch me or people I know and care about.

Actually, this isn't supposed to happen at all. Despite what popular media may have you believe, people don't just break into your house and steal your baby. They don't.

Except they did.

Until yesterday, I lived in a world where I mostly slept with the doors unlocked. I knew I was safe. I knew my kids were safe.

Now I wonder. This was pretty close to home. All the details aren't out yet, so I can still cling to the belief that the guy somehow knew her and her family - was maybe even a family friend - someone who had some sort of sanctioned access to the home, some sort of connection. Not just a guy who randomly broke into this house and randomly chose this girl, because that still doesn't happen, right?


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Mrs. Frost said...

Oh, Penny! That's AWFUL!!! Any update yet?