Thursday, June 24, 2010

Write Different!

Purple and bold and italics! Whoo-whee look at me - being all crazy!!!

You think I'm all crazy all of the time, don't you?  You believe I'm a free-spirited, no-worries kind of girl, right? You look at the way I dress, see my hair, judge my tattoos, and know who I am.  

Admit it.  

You are surprised that I'm a mom, a teacher, an advocate of youth. You expect that I'm drunk, or high, or meditating always, and therefore have no time for such activities as parenting, working, and caring about the future. 

Sometimes, you're even a bit envious - aren't you?  Go ahead, I won't tell, but I know it's true.  You want to shed that bra; you're dying in those skyscraper heels; you're adding up the hours spent daily turning your own frizzy-hair into a sleek blanket.  

You wish you were me. 

But, since you are a product of commercial-America, and you believe that the first thing people notice (at least people who matter) is your itchy-scalp, or your ring-around-the-collar, or your chipped toe-nail polish, you instead judge me, sure my poor kids are growing up to be criminals.

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